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Deliver a word-class customer service, right from within Microsoft Teams

Stop switching between tools. Make Yablo an integrated part of your central collaboration hub in Microsoft Teams.

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Add Yablo's team inboxes to Teams' channels, work together on customer conversations, and get inquiries resolved faster.

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Sophie Collins

"We struggled significantly with confusion and things falling through the cracks because nobody knew what actions other people had taken (or not taken) on client communications."

"Yablo is exactly what we needed! We highly recommend you try it out. It changed our team dynamics and client service level overnight."

Sophie Collins


Yablo is only one tab away

Seamlessly connect your Yablo account with Microsoft Teams and transform the way you manage your customer conversations with your team.

Add team inboxes as tab to a Teams' channel and enjoy the full capabilities of Yablo!

Receive notifications in Teams

Get notified by the Yablo bot inside Microsoft Teams of important activity on conversations that matter to you.

Open the conversation right from the notification card and start working immeditately on your customer request.

Easily share conversations

Need to discuss a customer request during a chat or meeting in Teams? Yablo allows you to easily share any conversation in Teams.

Your team members can work together with you on shared conversations without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Our customers love us

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"Working like a charm!"

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"Very satisfied with the Yablo services"

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