Yablo vs Front

The simple and affordable alternative to Front

Manage all your customer conversations in one powerful platform, fully integrated into Microsoft 365.

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Why choose Yablo over Front?

Enhance customer satisfaction while minimizing team frustrations. Get up and running in just minutes.

All the features you need

We like to keep things simple. Yablo focuses on core features that really matter, without the clutter that comes with Front.

Affordable pricing

More value for less, without any red tape. Unlike Front, our per-user cost stays the same, whether you're a team of 2 or 200.

Designed for Microsoft 365

Stop switching between various tools. Yablo allows you to serve your customers without forcing you to leave Microsoft Teams or Outlook.


As easy as email, as powerful as a helpdesk

Real-time collaboration and AI-powered automation take your customer service to the next level - across all your communication channels.

Our customers love us for good reasons

Mark Johnson

"Yablo is the best shared inbox we've found. It ticks all the boxes, providing all the features we need without any clutter. It's affordable, even as our team grows. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, making it easy for our users to navigate."

Mark Johnson

Support Manager

A game-changing way to manage inbound messages

Collaborate seamlessly

Don’t sacrifice quality or speed. Request help, discuss ideas, and share status updates with your team without the need to forward messages.

Get shared visibility and context, and reply faster and more accurately.

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Automate workflows with ease

Maximize team productivity with the smartest inbox ever.

Use AI to automatically tag, route and assign messages to the right teammate, based on any criteria.

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Unified communication channels

Unify communication channels

Meet your customers where they are and deliver a seamless experience.

Connect email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more - so all conversations are managed in one powerful platform.

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Track, analyze and improve

Monitor the performance and workload of your team to strategize for headcount and staffing planning.

Identify possible bottlenecks in processes that need fixing and spot high performers and ones who need coaching.

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Customer satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction with built-in surveys. Collect feedback in real-time to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to improve your customer experience.

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Turn customer requests into actions

Stop switching between different tools. Turn incoming requests into actions, implement your own workflow, and keep track of your team's progress.

Automatically classify messages by priority and topic, and assign them to the right teammate
Moving messages through your own workflow is as simple as drag & drop
Keep track of your team's progress and make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Designed for you, built for Microsoft 365

Transform Microsoft 365 into a multi-channel, AI-powered helpdesk.

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Our customers love us

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