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Use AI to automate manual work and drive efficiency

Leave time-consuming, repetitive jobs to Yablo Genius and focus your attention on the more important tasks.

The AI assistant that makes teams productive

Yablo Genius streamlines conversation management with AI automation, handling repetitive tasks like conversation assignment, prioritization, summarization, and tagging.

Auto summarize

Experience the efficiency of Yablo Genius, which automatically generates a concise one-line summary for every incoming message. With the summary presented upfront, you can quickly grasp the key points without the need to read the entire message.

This time-saving feature enhances productivity, allowing you to focus on the most crucial information at a glance.

Skill-based routing

Automatically route and assign incoming conversations matching the intent of the message with the expertise of your team members.

Simply outline the topics each of your team members should focus on, and let Yablo Genius handle the rest. It's super easy.

Prioritize with ease

Amidst a surge of daily customer inquiries, prioritizing the most urgent ones can be challenging. Given the need to evaluate each one, navigating through numerous customer inquiries can be a time-consuming task.

Yablo Genius streamlines your workflow by automatically prioritizing incoming messages, allowing you to address the most urgent ones first and stay focused on the path to success.

Keep organized with tags

Streamline your communication process by automatically categorizing incoming messages, enabling your team to easily identify and address various types of customer requests.

Allow Yablo Genius to analyze incoming messages, intelligently selecting the most relevant tags. Enjoy full control over the set of tags to ensure precision and alignment with your preferences.

Full transparency

Curious about why Yablo Genius chose a particular tag or assigned a conversation to a specific team member? We've got you covered with complete transparency.

Gain insights into the rationale behind Yablo Genius's decisions, ensuring a clear understanding of the motivation behind each choice.

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