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Say goodbye to the old way of managing a shared mailbox πŸ‘‹

Assign, track and collaborate on emails in your shared inbox. Drive visibility, accountability and efficiency with Yablo.

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Never miss an email with Yablo

Enhance customer satisfaction while minimizing team frustrations. Get up and running in just minutes.

Delegate emails automatically

Assign emails to the right team member based on account, skill or workload.

Collaborate without forwarding

Loop in your colleagues with notes and @mentions for prompt query resolution. Prevent duplicate responses with collision alerts.

Manage your workload

Track the status of all emails and efficiently manage your team's workload.


As easy as email, as powerful as a helpdesk

Real-time collaboration and AI-powered automation take your customer service to the next level - across all your communication channels.

Our customers love us for good reasons

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"Being able to deliver a 5-start service is crucial in our business."

"Using Yablo, we've slashed our response time to just 30 minutes, resulting in an all-time high customer satisfaction score."

Sophie Collins


A game-changing way to manage inbound messages

Collaborate seamlessly

Don’t sacrifice quality or speed. Request help, discuss ideas, and share status updates with your team without the need to forward messages.

Get shared visibility and context, and reply faster and more accurately.

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Automate workflows with ease

Maximize team productivity with the smartest inbox ever.

Use AI to automatically tag, route and assign messages to the right teammate, based on any criteria.

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Unified communication channels

Unify communication channels

Meet your customers where they are and deliver a seamless experience.

Connect email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more - so all conversations are managed in one powerful platform.

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Track, analyze and improve

Monitor the performance and workload of your team to strategize for headcount and staffing planning.

Identify possible bottlenecks in processes that need fixing and spot high performers and ones who need coaching.

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Customer satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction with built-in surveys. Collect feedback in real-time to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to improve your customer experience.

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Here’s what your superpowers will look like

Yablo is your better alternative to uncomplicate email management.

Outlook Shared MailboxYablo
Assign emails to team members
Eliminate the confusion over who handles each incoming request.
Not availableAvailable
Easy handover between teams
Handoff entire conversations effectively, without having to forward emails.
Not availableAvailable
Notes and @mentions
Leave detailed notes for team members to handoff queries effectively, without having to forward emails.
Not availableAvailable
Collision detection
Prevent multiple users from simultaneously working on the same query and potentially sending conflicting replies.
Not availableAvailable
Message templates
Create and save responses as email templates and share them with your team to deliver faster and consistent responses.
Not availableAvailable
Visualize your inbox as a board layout and organize emails by owner, priority, tag, or implement your own workflow.
Not availableAvailable
Analytics & Reporting
Analyze your team's workload and performance, and keep improving your customer service.
Not availableAvailable
Customer satisfaction surveys
Collect feedback from customers with built-in surveys.
Not availableAvailable
AI-powered automations
Automatically route, tag and summarize incoming messages.
Not availableAvailable
Centralize all your communication channels
Go beyond email and integrate live chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, ... into one single platform.
Not availableAvailable

Turn customer requests into actions

Stop switching between different tools. Turn incoming requests into actions, implement your own workflow, and keep track of your team's progress.

Automatically classify messages by priority and topic, and assign them to the right teammate
Moving messages through your own workflow is as simple as drag & drop
Keep track of your team's progress and make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Designed for you, built for Microsoft 365

Transform Microsoft 365 into a multi-channel, AI-powered helpdesk.

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