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Your central hub for all your customer communication

Yablo is the Nº1 customer communication platform for Office 365. It combines the simplicity of email with the power of a CRM.

Manage all your customer communication with ease

Discover the #1 customer communication platform for Office 365. Stop working in separate silos. Bring your customer communication and teams together in one central view.

Great tool for shared inboxes

"We struggled significantly with confusion and things falling through the cracks because nobody knew what actions other people had taken (or not taken) on client communications."

"Yablo exactly what we needed and highly recommend you try it out. Changed our team dynamic and client service level overnight."

Anthony Guillen

Clover Basin Animal Hospital

Assign owners so no conversations are left unanswered

Yablo allows you to work on a single, shared copy of each of your conversations so that you can easily coordinate with your team.

Pick a conversation or assign it to colleagues so that everyone in your team knows who is responsible. Assigning conversations makes sure that no conversations are left unanswered or two team members start working on the same conversation.

Collaborate easily using comments

Add comments to conversations to discuss them with your team, @mention teammates to get them involved and get back to customers faster.

Because comments are separated from the regular email thread, you never risk that internal discussions end up in a reply to your customers by accident. External and internal discussions are nicely separated.

Never miss an email again

Set reminders on conversations so you never forget to get back to your customer. When you set a reminder, Yablo will move the conversation out of your way and brings it back to your attention at the right moment.

You can use reminders on your outgoing conversations as well. Didn't receive a response? No problem, Yablo has got you covered.

Brake out of your personal Inbox

Sharing email conversations from your personal inbox with your team becomes a breeze with Yablo.

Unlike forwarding emails, you and your team are working on a single copy of the email conversation when using Yablo. Say goodbye to email threads scattered all over the place. With Yablo you are always on the same page.

Integrate Yablo in your daily workflow

Yablo adapts to the way you work. Use it as a standalone app, fully integrated in Outlook or as part of Microsoft Teams.

Our customers love us

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