Yablo is the collaboration tool for team emails. It's an add-on for your personal or shared inboxes that makes working together on emails easy. You can involve the right persons in the email conversation without CC'ing everybody in the team. There is the option to chat with your colleagues, mention them and comment on shared email discussions.

Assign people and tag your emails with custom labels to keep it organized. Always know who is handling what in your shared mailbox. Find peace of mind and stay focused in your Outlook mailbox with Yablo.

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Outlook add-in for shared mailboxes

Tame your team mailboxes

Work as a team, also in your mailbox.

Assign incoming emails to your teammates or yourself, so no emails are forgotten and left unanswered. Use labels to organize your shared emails or discuss an email conversation with your teammates without sending emails over emails again. Read more about Yablo as the collaboration tool for team emails.

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One clear overview

Always in the known, never in CC.

Being a member of several team mailboxes can be quite a burden. A lot of emails are being CC'ed or forwarded to you. It's impossible to keep up! With Yablo you have one overview of all you shared mailboxes and you can easily see who is working on what. Want to learn more?

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your inbox, your time

Stop email overload! Stay in control.

Too much emails to keep up with, too little time. And even if you have found some time to get things done, you are bothered by buzzing incoming messages... Snooze your inbox and take time to focus. Set reminders for when a customer should have answered your email. Find out more on how to improve your personal productivity below.

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