Smart and easy email collaboration for Office 365

Coordinating with your team about work email shouldn't be so difficult. With Yablo, your team is right there with you in your Inbox.

Break out of your Inbox

Keeping on top of email communication within your organization is no easy task. Emails end up in countless overstuffed personal and shared inboxes that act as silos. This makes it extremely hard to get a shared view of what is important and the progress being made.

Meet Yablo 👋. Yablo turns your emails into actionable conversations and gives everyone on your team a shared view of what's going on.

Collaborate like a pro

Turn your emails into actionable conversations. Delegate emails to set ownership and use comments to discuss emails with your team.

Conversations, organized

Instead of an endless list of emails in your inbox, Yablo organizes your conversations as actionable cards in a Kanban board so that you and your team always have a clear view of what is happening.

Get looped in

No need to add everyone in CC. Yablo makes it simple to follow conversations that are of interest to you... and block others.

Work as a team, also in your Inbox

Manage shared inboxes such as support@ or info@ with ease and delight your customers

Always in the known, never in the CC

Break out of the silo of your personal inbox and share important conversations with your team without ending up in CC hell

Stop email overload! Stay in control

Feeling overwhelmed by your inbox? Use Yablo to fight email overload and find peace of mind

Ready to turn you mailbox into an actionable board?

Choose a better way to manage your conversations

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