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Yablo works seamlessly across all your communication channels and empowers you with the simplicity of email and the functionality of a ticketing system.

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Sophie Collins

"We struggled significantly with confusion and things falling through the cracks because nobody knew what actions other people had taken (or not taken) on client communications."

"Yablo is exactly what we needed! We highly recommend you try it out. It changed our team dynamics and client service level overnight."

Sophie Collins


All customer conversations in one place

Elevate your team's customer communication game by integrating all your channels into Yablo, and seamlessly sharing them with your entire team. From group emails like support@ and sales@ to other channels like live chat and SMS, Yablo empowers you to connect with your customers on the channels they prefer.

You can even connect your own personal work email and seamlessly share relevant emails with your team.

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Live chat for real-time customer support

Meeting the expectations of today's customers requires businesses to provide immediate answers to their queries. Live chat is a frictionless way to deliver fast and efficient support, and it's a proven approach to improve customer experience.

With Yablo's chat widget, you can easily respond to customers in real-time and create long-term relationships by providing instant support. Setting up the widget takes only a few clicks, allowing you to start delivering excellent customer service right away.

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Stay organized with boards

Managing customer requests and ensuring timely responses is a challenging task, especially when working with a team. Yablo simplifies the process by turning every inbox into a collaborative board, allowing you to implement your own workflow and providing a shared perspective on work progress.

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Work as one team

Collaborate with your coworkers directly from within customer conversations using Yablo's built-in chat feature. Request help, discuss ideas, and share status updates with your team without the need to forward messages.

With Yablo, you can seamlessly delegate conversations to teammates and teams without losing context or creating multiple copies of the same conversation.

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360˚ view on your customers

With Yablo, you can access customer data and previous conversations alongside every message, allowing you to provide faster and more personalized support.

You can easily measure customer satisfaction by adding one-click surveys to your outbound messages. By collecting feedback in real-time, you can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to improve your customer experience.

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Turn customer inquiries into actions

Stop switching between different tools. Yablo brings your collaboration, workflow, and productivity tools all in one place.

Organize customer conversations by owner, priority, due date or any other way you like
Organizing your work is as simple as drag & drop
Keep track of your team's progress and make sure nothing falls through the cracks
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Designed for you, built for Office 365

Integrate Yablo into your daily workflow. Whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To Do or Planner, we've got you covered.

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