Collaborate with your team without the email clutter

Stop sending emails back and forth. Comments in Yablo help teams collaborate better and resolve emails faster. All without leaving your inbox.

Trusted by over 1000 companies across the world

Chat on customer conversations, in real-time

Stop switching between tools. Add comments to conversations to discuss them with your team, @mention teammates to get them involved and get back to customers faster.

Ping team members instantly

@mention team members in one click on a conversation and get their attention instantly.

Team members receive real-time notifications of their @mentions. If they are busy, they can always jump in and reply later.

Assign conversations

Yablo allows you to work on a single, shared copy of each of your conversations so that you can easily coordinate with your team.

Assign conversations to teammates so everyone knows who is responsible. Clear ownership ensures no conversations are left unanswered or two team members start working on the same conversation.

Work as one single team

Handling customer requests is often a cross-team effort. A request that is sent to Support, might require the help of Engineering and Finance to get the job done.

Use Yablo to seamlessly move conversations from one team to another without losing any context or creating separate copies of the same conversation.

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