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Simple, flexible, but oh so powerful. All it takes are boards, lists, and conversation cards to get a clear view of who's doing what and what need to get done.

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Boards represent workflows. They're where information is shared and great teamwork happens. Boards give everyone a shared perspective on the work getting done and what still needs to get done.


Boards in Yablo are made up of cards – they’re smaller components of a workflow and can respresent conversations as well as tasks and notes.

Each card can be assigned to team members, assigned due dates and priorities, or be moved across different lists and boards.


Use lists for the different stages of a conversation. Start as simple as To Reply, To Review, or build a workflow custom fit to your team's needs.

The only limitation is your only imagination 💡!

Yablo + Microsoft Outlook = 💕

Use the Yablo for Outlook add-in and add emails you need to follow-up or want to share with your team to a board in Yablo.

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