Yablo is the #1 customer communication platform for Microsoft 365

Transform Microsoft 365 into a multi-channel, AI-powered helpdesk.

Yablo is only a click away

Integrate Yablo seamlessly across your entire Microsoft 365 suite. Effectively manage customer communication from anywhere, whether it's in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or the Microsoft 365 app.

Whether you're at your workstation or on the go, Yablo ensures convenient access to your communication tasks across various devices.

Receive notifications in Teams

Receive timely notifications from Yablo directly within Microsoft Teams, keeping you informed of crucial activities on conversations that hold significance for you.

Open the conversation directly from the notification card and initiate immediate action on your customer request.

Easily share conversations

Need to discuss a customer request during a chat or meeting in Teams? Yablo allows you to easily share any conversation.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members on shared conversations directly within Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Our customers love us for good reasons

Sophie Collins

"Being able to deliver a 5-start service is crucial in our business."

"Using Yablo, we've slashed our response time to just 30 minutes, resulting in an all-time high customer satisfaction score."

Sophie Collins


Add emails from Outlook to Yablo

Use the Yablo add-in for Outlook to easily add emails from your personal mailbox to Yablo and share them with your team.

Unlike forwarding emails, you and your team are working on a single copy of the email conversation when using Yablo. Say goodbye to email threads scattered all over the place. With Yablo you are always on the same page.

From conversations to tasks

Transform your Yablo conversations into actionable tasks effortlessly by integrating with popular task management tools such as Microsoft To Do, Planner, Tasks in a Box, or Asana.

Easily navigate back to the Yablo conversation from your tasks by simply following the provided link. This seamless integration ensures quick access and facilitates a smooth transition between managing tasks and engaging in relevant conversations within Yablo.

Our customers love us

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