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One central place for all your contacts

We're super excited to announce a new release of Yablo! In this update, we're introducing a complete new module called Contacts.

Contacts allow you to manage all your contact records together with your team in once central place. Use contacts to share contact information and keep track of all conversations by contact person or aggregated by company.

Central contacts database in yablo

Say hello to contacts

The redesigned left navigation gives you access to our new Contacts module and sits next to your existing activity feed and inbox functionality. Use Contacts to keep track of all the people and companies you and your team communicate with. Contacts in Yablo are a centralized contacts database that is shared across your different teams so that everyone always has access to the most up to date contact information.

To add the sender of a message as a contact, simply hover the sender and click Add to Contacts on the contact card that pops up.

Keep track of your customers

Open a person or company record to get an overview of all conversations associated with that contact. All messages you and your team send and receive are automatically linked to your contacts. If you manually add notes yourself (for example to log the details of a phone call), you can easily link them to your contacts as well.

People and company records are a great way to follow up on what's going on for each of your contacts, either by individual contact or aggregated by company.

Improved search

We greatly improved search in Yablo so that you can quickly access all your contacts with just a few key strokes. Enter the name of person or company and Yablo will instantly show you the corresponding results.

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