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How AI is transforming customer service in manufacturing

Delivering excellent customer service requires coordinated teamwork across various departments. When teams aren't synchronized and work independently, it can harm customer satisfaction. Discover how AI can support manufacturing companies by improving their customer communication processes, resulting in faster response times and higher customer satisfaction levels.


Providing customer support throughout the order-to-delivery process often involves multiple teams collaborating seamlessly. While new orders are received by the sales team, technical service and engineering teams swiftly need to intervene to offer necessary input and address potential issues. After the order is accepted, responsibility for communication shifts to customer service or operations teams, who provide updates and address any additional questions from the customer.

Companies with offices in multiple regions encounter added complexity. Teams across different regions, each with their own processes and structure, frequently require coordination, particularly when serving larger clients.

We see many companies initially attempt to navigate the complexity of their customer communication process using shared mailboxes in Outlook. However, as message volume grows, they quickly hit a wall. Messages get overlooked, alignment between teams becomes challenging, and the overall customer experience suffers as a result.

Manufacturing companies


Before diving into how Artificial Intelligence can streamline your customer communication processes, let's take a moment to introduce Yablo.

Yablo is a customer communication platform designed for Microsoft 365 that helps manufacturing companies manage, oversee and improve their customer communication. By facilitating seamless collaboration among teams spanning functions and geography, Yablo ensures a unified and consistent customer experience. Breaking down silos across teams, manufacturing companies can establish a highly efficient customer communication process from order to delivery.

Fluid collaboration across teams

Customer conversations often evolve from order issues to pricing questions to shipment updates and so forth. Yablo facilitates seamless collaboration by allowing any team member to step in at any point in the conversation to provide responses or guidance. This includes international offices, enabling them to collaborate effectively on the same orders and ensure a cohesive customer experience.

Team collaboration

Gain Insights

Yablo's integrated analytics empower manufacturing companies to monitor various metrics such as response time, resolution time, message volume, and customer satisfaction ratings. When using Outlook, accessing this critical data is not feasible. By leveraging Yablo, teams can measure the workflow of each member and evaluate their performance in real-time. These analytics enables you to distritbute workloads among team members and continously keep improving your customer communication process.

Make it part of your workflow

Yablo is specifically designed for Microsoft 365 users, ensuring effortless integration with your current productivity environment. Whether you reply on Microsoft Teams or Outlook, Yablo seamlessly integrates with your daily workflow, eliminating the need to juggle between various tools.

Yablo inside Microsoft Teams

Use AI to optimize your communication process

The potential of AI to improve your customer communication process is enormous. By harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, AI can automate various aspects of customer communication, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

At the heart of Yablo lies its built-in AI assistant called Yablo Genius. Yablo Genius uses AI-driven algorithms to help manufacturing companies improve their communication process. In this section, we’re illustrating how Yablo Genius can help you

  1. gain insights in common problems your business is facing,
  2. reduce response times,
  3. leverage the expertise of your team members to its fullest potential.

Gain insights in common problems

In manufacturing, if the final product fails to meet customer expectations, it's not only a sunk cost for the business but also a blow to the customer experience. Therefore, it's crucial for manufacturing companies to gain a thorough understanding of the kind of issues causing rework and resulting in production delays.

Yablo enables the tagging of customer messages by issue type and leverages its built-in analytics to identify potential trends. This functionality sheds light on pain points across the business, pinpointing where teams encounter the most significant inefficiencies.

Built-in analytics

Ensuring consistent tagging of each conversation is vital for uncovering trends and identifying pain points. However, manual tagging is labor-intensive and demands significant discipline from your team.

Enter Yablo Genius – it addresses this challenge head-on. Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), Yablo Genius automatically tags customer conversations using your own business-specific classification system. This not only guarantees accurate tagging of all incoming messages but also significantly saves your teams valuable time.


Reduce response times

As the old saying goes, "time is money." Swiftly responding to customer inquiries is paramount for seizing opportunities and driving a successful business forward.

Shared mailboxes in Outlook present challenges when it comes to prioritizing urgent emails for prompt responses. Additionally, team members must individually open and read each message to grasp the inquiry's nature and determine ownership, leading to inefficiencies and delays in addressing customer needs.

Reduce response times

Yablo Genius automatically prioritizes (1 + 2) incoming customer messages, allowing your team to address urgent ones promptly. Additionally, it provides concise one-line summaries (3) of inquiries, sparing your team the need to review each message individually in full. These capabilities streamline your workflow, ensuring timely responses to critical issues.

Leverage the expertise of your team

Each customer request presents its own unique complexity, typically demanding specialized expertise for efficient resolution. Whether addressing inquiries related to product specifications, technical support, or order status, making sure that the responsible team member has the appropriate expertise is crucial in meeting the customer’s expectation.

Skill-based message routing

Yablo Genius boasts the capability to match incoming messages with the expertise of your team members, ensuring that inquiries are routed to the most qualified individuals. By automatically assigning messages to the appropriate team members based on their expertise, Yablo Genius streamlines your communication process, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency.

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Wrapping Up

The integration of AI-driven solutions presents a transformative opportunity. By streamlining collaboration across teams, offering actionable insights through integrated analytics, and leveraging the power of AI to optimize communication processes, manufacturing companies can ensure a unified, efficient, and consistent customer experience from order to delivery.

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