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Add your personal work email to Yablo

Yablo is a great tool to manage your shared mailboxes but, with the introduction of My Inbox, you can now also manage your personal work email right inside Yablo.

Yablo always had great features to manage your shared mailboxes such as info@, invoices@ or support@ together with your team. Comments in Yablo make it possible to quickly collaborate on emails without starting a multitude of internal email threads, due dates & reminders help you to keep on top of all your important messages, assignments of conversations make sure that there is always clear ownership so that nothing falls throught the cracks.

Besides these shared mailboxes, a lot of you are using your personal mailbox in your customer communication as well. With the latest update of Yablo, we're adding support for personal work emails so that you can manage all your customer communication in one central place.

Manage your personal work email in Yablo...

Simply connect your personal mailbox to Yablo to sync all emails to your own inbox in Yablo. All emails inside your own inbox are private to you, unless you decide to share a conversation with a teammate or an entire team.

Say you receive a question from one of your customers in your personal inbox. After some replies back-and-forth, you decide that this question is better handled by your customer success team. With just a single click, you can transfer the complete conversation (including its entire context) from your personal inbox to the team inbox of the customer success team in Yablo.

My Inbox

All of the features you love in Yablo's team inboxes (such as comments, assignments, due dates, reminders, ...) work in your personal inbox as well.

...or improve your Outlook

Even if you don't connect your personal mailbox to Yablo, the My Inbox in Yablo is still your own personal spot in Yablo. If you want to add an email to Yablo without sharing it with a team, the My Inbox is your place to go.

If you haven't done so, check out our Yablo for Outlook add-in. This add-in brings the power of Yablo to your inbox in Outlook and allows you to collaborate on your emails without having to leave your Outlook client. The Yablo for Outlook add-in supports all Outlook platforms including Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for iOS and Android, and the web version of Outlook as well.

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