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Keep on top of your conversations with due dates

Need to meet certain SLAs? Work with due dates in Yablo to manage your deadlines and get reminded when due dates are near.

Work with due dates

Yablo is all about creating clarity and transparency among your team members so that everyone is always on the same page. In our latest release, we're adding due dates to conversations. Whether you are working with strict deadlines that you and your team need to follow, or simply want to indicate a target date for certain customer requests, due dates provide you a way to clearly indicate the deadline of each of your conversations.

Reminders & Boards

To help you keep track of your deadlines, Yablo will automatically remind the owner of conversations when the due date is near.

You can also view your open conversations as a board in Yablo organized by due date (as shown in the picture below). This way you and your team always have a clear overview of your upcoming deadlines and a good understanding of what needs to get your attention first.

Organize your conversations by due date

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