We are live!

Finally our website is live! You can now request early access to the Yablo add-in.

January 9, 20203 Minutes

First things first

After an intense couple of months, we can finally launch our Yablo website. While our team is still working very hard on finishing the last features of the Yablo Outlook add-in, you can already take a look on this website to find out how Yablo could help you. 

This is the first launch of our website, so please if you have any suggestions let us know! We would love your feedback. 

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Where does 'Yablo' comes from?

Yablo comes from ‘Yo hablo’ which means ‘I speak’ in Spanish. Yablo stands for improving communication through email, more specific for improving collaboration within shared inboxes. 

The things a lot of people struggle with at work are their tasks or projects, there meetings and… their emails. All contributing to your personal productivity and happiness at work. 

Yablo has an older brother your might already know as Tasks in a Box. This is an application which helps you manage your tasks, projects and meetings more efficiently. Tasks in a Box also has an Outlook application to manage your emails as tasks from within Outlook.

After a while we found out that the Tasks in a Box outlook application worked very well for your personal inbox, but not for shared inboxes. A lot of our customers use shared inboxes to mange their customer communication, support, billing, … 

That’s where the idea of Yablo came from, to really make collaboration from within shared inboxes easier for teams.