Manage shared inboxes such as support@, sales@ or info@ with ease

Collaborate with your team on customer communication, get responses faster and delight your customers.

Managing shared mailboxes shouldn't be this hard

Email was never built for team collaboration. You experience it every day -- and your customers are experiencing it as well. Endless mail threads with team members in copy and replies... It gets messy very quickly and you lose track of who is working on what.

Working together and managing shared inboxes can be a burden. Emails can go missing or left unanswered with unsatisfied customers as a result.

Assign owners so no emails are left unanswered

Yablo allows you to work on a single, shared copy of each of your email conversations so that you can easily coordinate with your team.

Pick a conversation or assign it to colleagues so that everyone in your team knows who is responsible. Assigning conversations makes sure that no emails are left unanswered or two team members start working on the same email.

Stop emailing about emails

Add comments to email conversations to discuss emails with your team, @mention teammates to get them involved and get back to customers faster.

As comments are separated from the regular email thread, you never risk that internal discussions end up in a reply to your customers by accident. External and internal discussions are nicely separated.

Kanban boards

Yablo organizes your email conversations as Kanban boards so you always have a clear view on what's going on. You can organize your conversations by owner, priority, tag, or even organize them in your own custom lists.

When you organize your email conversations by owner, you immediately see who has too much work on their plate and who has some time to spare. Delegating email conversations becomes as easy as drag & drop

Always in the known, never in the CC

Getting buried under a pile of emails because your team gets added in CC? Just to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

With Yablo, you get a personalized activity feed that automatically keeps you updated about all important conversations and events... and doesn't bother you with less important ones.

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