Turn your inboxes into actionable boards

Don't get buried in email. Use Yablo to organize your communication and take action faster with your team.

Introducing the conversation card

Yablo turns your emails into actionable cards. Use these cards to collaborate with your team: set clear ownership, assign priorities and use comments to have internal discussions.

Quickly reply to your customers from these conversation cards and mark them as completed.

Assign conversations
Give each conversation a clear owner so nothing falls through the cracks.
Comments and @mentions
Set your priorities
Follow conversations

Say hello to team inboxes 🙌

Yablo organizes your email conversations in team inboxes and visualizes them as kanban boards. Team inboxes are a great way to get a clear view on the status and progress of your conversations.

You can connect an existing mailbox to your team inbox. All emails send to this mailbox will be automatically added to your team inbox.

Actionable boards
Organize your conversations as actionable boards and create your own views.
Drag and drop conversations
Activity Feed
Follow up on your team

Make it part of your workflow

Yablo works perfectly as a standalone app, but becomes even more powerful when integrated in your daily workflow.

Yablo integrates with Outlook so that you can coordinate with your team, all without having to leave your mail client: assign conversations, set priorities and discuss emails with your team.

If you and your team are using Microsoft Teams as a central collaboration hub, we've got you covered as well. Add Yablo as an app to Teams and coordinate your emails with your team from within Microsoft Teams.

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