How does Yablo work?

Getting started with Yablo to mange you customer communication is easy. You're up and running in no time!

Get connected

Your customers are likely to connect with you through a variety of communication channels: from your personal mailbox, over shared mailboxes (such as info@ or operations@), to chat, calls and online meetings.

Connect Yablo to your different communication channels to get started. All incoming and outgoing conversations do get automatically tracked.

Personal Mailbox
Shared Mailbox
Online Call
Yablo currently supports personal and shared Exchange online mailboxes. Support for other communication channels will be added in the near future.

Turn conversations into actions

Yablo turns your conversations into actionable cards. Use these cards to collaborate with your team: set clear ownership, assign priorities and use comments to have internal discussions.

Quickly reply to your customers from these conversation cards and mark them as completed.

Stay organized

Yablo organizes your conversation cards in team inboxes and visualizes them as kanban boards. Team inboxes are a great way to get a clear view on the status and progress of your conversations.

You can connect a communication channel to your team inbox. All incoming and outgoing conversations will be automatically added to your team inbox.

Make it part of your workflow

Yablo works perfectly as a standalone app, but becomes even more powerful when integrated in your daily workflow.

Yablo integrates with Outlook so that you can coordinate with your team, all without having to leave your mail client: assign conversations, set priorities and discuss emails with your team.

If you and your team are using Microsoft Teams as a central collaboration hub, we've got you covered as well. Add Yablo as an app to Microsoft Teams and manage your customer communications without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

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