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Feeling overwhelmed by the conversations you need to manage every single day? Use Yablo to fight conversation overload and find peace of mind.

One hundred and twenty-one

That is the number of emails an average office worker receivers per day. No wonder you and your team often feel like drowning in email and having to play catch up every single day.

That leaves you with important messages lost, responses that go out too late, and unsatisfied customers. You and your team deserve a better way to manage your conversation flow.

Missing conversations? Never again.

Set reminders on conversations so you never forget to get back to your customer. When you set a reminder, Yablo will move the conversation out of your way and brings it back to your attention at the right moment.

You can use reminders on your outgoing conversations as well. Didn't receive a response? No problem, Yablo has got you covered.

Yablo 🤗 tasks

Need to schedule work that is related to an customer request? Use Yablo to convert conversations to tasks and add them to your favorite task managent solution.

The great thing is that Yablo links the task back to Yablo so that you can always navigate back to the original conversation and reply to your customer.

Yablo integrates with these great task management solutions: Tasks in a Box, Microsoft Planner and Asana.

Team work is of the essence

Many hands make light work. Working together as a team is always key.

Yablo allows you to work on a single, shared copy of each of your conversations so that you can easily coordinate with your team.

@Mention your teammates to grab their attention and use comments to discuss conversations internally.

Yablo lives inside your Inbox

Yablo integrates with Outlook so that you can immediately work with Yablo right inside your Outlook client. Open the Yablo for Outlook add-in and set reminders, create tasks and pause your Inbox.

Yablo supports all Outlook platforms. Whether you use the Outlook app on your desktop, phone or tablet, or rather prefer Outlook on the web, you always have Yablo at your side.

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Watch the recording of our Yablo launch webinar and learn how teams use Yablo to work together, be more efficient and deliver a great customer experience.

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