Omnichannel Inbox

Meet your customers on their terms, no matter the channel

Connect with your customers wherever they are, whether it's through email, chat or SMS.

Support customers across email, live chat and more

Yablo works seamlessly across all your communication channels and empowers you with the simplicity of email and the functionality of a ticketing system.

All customer conversations in one place

Add all your customer communication channels to Yablo and share them with your team. Connect group emails like support@ and sales@, or go beyond email and connect other channels such as SMS.

Ensure visibility into the status and ownership of each conversation: assign conversations, schedule work using due dates and reminders, and close conversations to mark them as done.

Your most visual inbox ever

Your inbox might get a mess very quickly. It often ends up a a long list of read and unread emails, with few tools to help you stay organized.

Use Yablo to turn your inbox from a simple list into a full-featured board and organize your conversations by owner, due date, priority, or implement your own workflow.

Never miss a message again

Set reminders on conversations so you never forget to get back to your customer. When you set a reminder, Yablo will move the conversation out of your way and brings it back to your attention at the right moment.

You can use reminders on your outgoing messages as well. You didn't receive a response to your question? No problem, Yablo notifies you and helps you to follow up.

Share emails from your personal mailbox

Sharing email conversations from your personal inbox with your team becomes a breeze with Yablo.

Unlike forwarding emails, you and your team are working on a single copy of the email conversation when using Yablo. Say goodbye to email threads scattered all over the place. With Yablo you are always on the same page.

Yablo + Microsoft Teams = 💕

Is Microsoft Teams your central hub for team work? Yablo lets you integrate your team inboxes into Teams so that your customer conversations are only one click away.

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