Internal Visibility

Break out of the silos of your different communication channels, create a unified view and share important conversations with your team without ending up in CC hell.

Feel like you never get the full picture?

Typically, you only see what is inside your own Inbox -- so you risk missing out on that imporant conversation your colleague had with your customer last week.

As everyone is working from within their own communication silos, it becomes hard to share relevant conversations with your team without ending up in CC hell. Tracking down all the necessary information becomes an impossible job.

Brake out of your personal Inbox

Sharing email conversations from your personal Inbox with your teams becomes a breeze with Yablo. Got an email about a new business opportunity? Share it with your sales team so that they can follow along.

Unlike forwarding emails, you and your team are working on a single copy of the email conversation when using Yablo. Say goodbye to email threads scattered all over the place. With Yablo you are always on the same page.

Follow conversations

With Yablo, you can decide for yourself which shared conversations you would like to follow... and which you don't.

Yablo will keep you up to date of important changes and events to the conversations you follow, but doesn't bother you about less important conversations.

One unified view

Use Yablo to share important conversations and create one unified view. Yablo captures all the back and forth of your shared conversations so that everyone always has the broader picture.

Managers and teammates can follow along to help out and get a complete view of all activity.

Always in the known, never in the CC

Getting buried under a pile of conversations because your team gets added in CC? Just to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

With Yablo, you get a personalized activity feed that automatically keeps you updated about all important conversations and events... and doesn't bother you with less important ones.

Yablo and Outlook better together

Yablo integrates with Outlook so that you can immediately work with Yablo right inside your Outlook client. Open the Yablo for Outlook add-in and collaborate with your team: share conversations, set priorities and discuss emails with your team.

Yablo supports all Outlook platforms. Whether you use the Outlook app on your desktop, phone or tablet, or rather prefer Outlook on the web, you always have Yablo at your side.

Discover Yablo

Watch the recording of our Yablo launch webinar and learn how teams use Yablo to work together, be more efficient and deliver a great customer experience.

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